Ana María Zamora

Colombia  |  Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Fundación Escuela Nueva Activa


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Ana María Zamora is the monitoring and evaluation coordinator for the Escuela Nueva Activa Foundation, where she leads baseline and exit evaluations conducted for a variety of projects which are implementing the Escuela Nueva Activa model. She has experience evaluating cooperative learning, democratic behavior, school self-esteem, student participation in student government, and Escuela Nueva Activa model strategies usage.

Previously, Zamora worked at the Center for Educational Evaluation at the Universidad de Los Andes, where she coordinated the qualitative evaluation of institutional capacities for education in four municipalities in the southern part of Tolima for the Educapaz program and the qualitative evaluation of the Educapaz program’s influence on national policy.

She has served as a first and second grade teacher, as has also taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade for more than seven years. In addition, she worked to implement environmental education projects with indigenous and rural communities in Colombia and Chile.

Zamora has a doctorate in anthropology from the Universidad de Los Andres, a master’s degree in anthropology and development from the Universidad de Chile, and studied biology.

Zamora was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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