Ana Caroline Santos Calazans Vilasboas

Brazil |  Director of Articulation and Support to Basic Education Networks, Ministry of Education


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Ana Caroline Santos Calazans Vilaboas is director of the Directorate of Articulation and Support to Education Networks (DARE in Portuguese), responsible for the articulation, support, and operationalization of the actions and programs of the Secretariat of Basic Education (SEB in Portuguese). She has been working for two years at the Ministry of Education in DARE to coordinate with and support school management.

Previously, Santos Calazans Vilasboas worked as a teacher and psychologist for the Federal District’s Education Secretary for 12 years. Her work focused on institutional interventions in order to strengthen the learning process of children in kindergarten and elementary schools.

She is a psychologist and holds a specialization in psychopedagogy.

Santos Calazans Vilaboas was an event speaker at the Dialogue.