What is the Path Forward for Venezuela?


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As the economy continues to deteriorate—GDP shrank an estimated 19% last year and inflation hit 800%—there is little argument about the severity of the crisis in Venezuela. With dozens of political prisoners and last year’s recall referendum effort shut down by the government, the democratic and human rights situation is profoundly troubling. What is less clear, however, is how  the United States—with a new administration and a Congress with still undefined foreign policy priorities and positions—can play a constructive role in dealing with Latin America’s deepest crisis. The Dialogue is pleased to welcome Lilian Tintori, wife of imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo López, for this open discussion on the political situation in the country and her views on the path forward for Venezuela.

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Lilian Tintori

Venezuelan human rights activist 


Miriam Kornblith

Senior director for Latin America and the Caribbean, National Endowment for Democracy 


Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue



Lilian Tintori is an international activist for human rights issues in Venezuela. Her husband, Leopoldo López, has been a political prisoner for three years and is serving a 14-year sentence. Miriam Kornblith, senior director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the National Endowment for Democracy, has taught politics at the Central University of Venezuela and served as vice-president of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council.