Private Roundtable Discussion with the IMF’s Alejandro Werner and World Bank’s Carlos Végh

The Inter-American Dialogue is hosting a private event for corporate program members to exchange views on the outlook for Latin American and Caribbean economies in the year ahead, as well as political trends shaping the business environment in key countries of the region. The event will feature two leading economists: Alejandro Werner with the International Monetary Fund and Carlos Végh with the World Bank. 

The session will focus on a variety of questions, including: Which countries of the region are likely to see strongest economic growth this year? What are the primary drivers of expansion—or sources of the biggest headwinds? Which countries will be facing the most serious fiscal pressures? What will it take for some countries to tamp down persistent inflation? How are new administrations in Mexico and Brazil handling economic policy, and how might elections scheduled later this year in Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay, as well as in Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic, change the business climate in those countries?



Director, Western Hemisphere Department, International Monetary Fund


Chief Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean, World Bank Group



President, Inter-American Dialogue