Piñera’s Second Term


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When Sebastián Piñera takes office as Chile’s president on March 11th, he will again be replacing President Michelle Bachelet in a left-to-right political pendulum swing. Like Bachelet before him, his second term carries heightened expectations and considerable challenges. Perhaps even more than Bachelet, Piñera takes office as an establishment figure in an increasingly disenchanted and polarized country. What are the prospects for his legislative priorities in a fractured Congress? What can be expected in terms of Chile’s foreign and economic relations? Can his government deliver a unifying political agenda? Or could Piñera’s second term possibly mark the last gasp of Chile’s traditional party system? 

The Dialogue is pleased to host an open conversation with top experts on Chile about the future of one of Latin America’s strongest and most dynamic democracies. 

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Robert Funk

Director, Center for the Study of Public Opinion, The University of Chile (@FunkofChile)

Gabrielle Trebat

Regional Director, McLarty Associates (@McLartyAssoc)

Sergio Urzua

Associate Professor, University of Maryland; NBER and Clapes-UC (@surzua_chile)


Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue (@MichaelShifter)