Peruvian Politics Under Strain


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A year and a half into his term, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has seen mixed results. His government’s technocratic approach has maintained Peru’s relatively well-performing economy. At the same time, a steady drip of corruption scandals (two former presidents are currently behind bars, extradition is being sought for a third) and a congress controlled by the opposition have worn on the government’s political capital and approval ratings. Most recently, Congress has attempted to oust the attorney general over allegations that he has investigated Odebrecht-related charges against Kuczynksi’s opponents, but not against the president himself. Meanwhile, this past week saw the first arrests of private sector executives in Peru’s Odebrecht case. 

To discuss the complex state of Peruvian politics, the Dialogue is pleased to welcome Alberto Vergara, a professor at Universidad del Pacífico and a widely respected Peruvian analyst, for a freewheeling and wide-ranging conversation.

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Alberto Vergara

Professor, Universidad del Pacífico 


Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue (@MichaelShifter)

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