ONLINE EVENT: Social Protection And Disability


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This event will be held in Spanish with English interpretation.

Social protection is a key policy tool for promoting right-based, gender-sensitive, and inclusive development to leave no one behind. For persons with disabilities, inclusive social protection systems are fundamental for preventing or protecting them against poverty, vulnerability, and social exclusion that undermine their economic security, well-being, and participation throughout the lifecycle. Building inclusive social protection goes beyond providing the adequate and required support to persons with disabilities. It combines a set of policies and programs to address the multiple barriers, exposure to risks, and the impact of diverse shocks that increase their vulnerabilities and undermine their opportunities to develop their full potential. 

The crisis of Covid-19 has exposed deep inequalities regarding access to social protection in all countries in the LAC region. Before Covid-19, social protection systems had heterogeneous levels of development, which under normal conditions, remained fragmented, even with visible deficiencies in coverage for some cases. However, social protection became the main mechanism for governments to provide timely and sufficient assistance to children and their families during the pandemic and to mitigate the effects it is causing. Several countries have also introduced and scaled up various social protection programs, largely cash transfers.

In partnership with UNICEF, the webinar Social Protection and Disability explores the current situation of social protection and disability in Latin America. The speakers will introduce the relevance and current situation of the disability agenda in the region while exploring case studies from three countries – Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.  

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2:00 PM – 2:03 PM EST


Welcoming Remarks



Ariel Fiszbein, Director, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue


2:03 PM – 02:10 PM EST


Why Is Social Protection for Disability An Important Agenda in Latin America? The UNICEF Perspective




Mónica Rubio, Regional Adviser, Social Policy, Latin America and the Caribbean, UNICEF


02:10 PM – 02:25 PM EST


The Current State of Social Protection for Disability in Latin America: Evidence from 3 Countries




Alfonso Tolmos, Senior Partner, tras100d Consulting


02:25 PM – 03:15 PM EST


Discussion Panel




Moderator: Ariel Fiszbein, Director, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue


Claudia Mir, Co-founder and Consultant, Cocoa Services S.C.

Monica Pinilla-Roncancio, Deputy Director, Center for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, Universidad de los Andes

Marcia Rivas Coello, Consultant, tras100d Consulting


03:15 PM – 03:25 PM EST


Final Reflections




Alexandre Cote, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF


03:25 PM – 03:30 PM EST


Closing Remarks




Ariel Fiszbein, Director, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue

Mónica Rubio, Regional Adviser, Social Policy, Latin America and the Caribbean, UNICEF


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