Online Event: Healthcare Investment & Economic Recovery in the Americas


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The pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of those with poor health in Latin America and the Caribbean, as people with obesity and other pre-existing conditions are at highest risk of serious illness and death. Chronic health problems are also damaging the region’s growth prospects. Even in a normal year, poor health reduces global GDP by 15 percent, according to a recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute.

As the health and economic consequences of the pandemic become better understood, policymakers will be compelled to look hard at ways health is tied to economic activity, equality, and wellbeing, and how scarce fiscal resources can be best employed.

How can governments and stakeholders in the region build momentum in order to make changes to the whole health ecosystem and target investments in health that will have the greatest economic return after the pandemic?

Our panel discussion will explore the following questions and others:  

  • How efficient and effective have investments in health in Latin America and the Caribbean been to date, and what shortcomings has the Covid-19 pandemic exposed?
  • What aspects of health should authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean prioritize specifically, in order to get the most from their investments?
  • How can public-private partnerships become a more meaningful part of addressing healthcare needs in Latin American and the Caribbean?
  • In what ways can investments in data analysis and artificial intelligence improve healthcare in the region, and what obstacles need to be addressed, such as privacy concerns?
  • How can countries in the region collaborate more effectively with each other to achieve better health outcomes?

Join us for a panel on May 6 featuring former Peruvian finance minister Luis Miguel Castilla, McKinsey’s Jaana Remes, and Rolf Hoenger of Roche Pharma to discuss the importance of investments in health to sustained economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean.




Former Minister of Economy and Finance, Peru, Member, Inter-American Dialogue


Partner and Economist, McKinsey Global Institute (@JaanaRemes)


Area Head, Roche Pharma Latin America and Advisory Board Member, Movimiento Salud 2030



President, Inter-American Dialogue (@MichaelShifter)

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