ONLINE EVENT: Frameworks for Professional Competencies for Early Childhood Teachers in Latin America and the Caribbean


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The sixth recommendation of the Declaration of the Regional Forum: Towards Quality Early Childhood Education, highlights the importance of developing a competence framework for those working on the subject, promoting a system of training—both initial and continuous—and certification of competencies that strengthen early childhood care in the Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Organized by the Inter-American Dialogue with the support of the LEGO Foundation and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), this event will present a study on the competency frameworks for early childhood teachers in five countries of the region and will include a panel discussion of regional experts regarding the applicability of these frameworks in different countries in the region.

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We invite participants to send questions through the Q&A function on Zoom.

This event will be held in Spanish. 



Marcela Pardo

Researcher, Advanced Research Center on Education, Advanced Education Studies Institute, Universidad de Chile

Felipe Godoy

Adjunct Researcher for the Advanced Research Center on Educational Justice, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile


Yannig Dussart

Early Childhood Development Manager, UNICEF Latin American and the Caribbean

Úrsula Luna-Victoria Kuon

Director of Early Childhood, Ministry of Education, Peru

Verona Batiuk

Expert on Early Childhood Education, Cooperation and Innovation, OEI, Argentina

Catalina Opazo Bunster

Assistant Specialist in the Program for Quality and Lifelong Learning, UNESCO

Ana María Nieto

Early Childhood Senior Program Specialist, LEGO Foundation

Margarita Ercilia Aravena Gaete

Office Director, OEI, Chile


Ariel Fiszbein

Director, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue (@arielfiszbein)


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