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English language proficiency is increasingly important in the workplace and can have a determinative effect on the job opportunities and professional growth of today’s workers. In studies and surveys of employers throughout Latin America, they consistently identify English as one of the most important and highly-demanded skills. English language instruction at the primary and secondary levels has expanded significantly in the past couple of decades, with many Latin American countries now requiring the subject in their national curricula and setting clear standards and benchmarks. Although there is still much progress to be made in meeting these goals, national education ministries have made it clear that English instruction is an important subject of study for students throughout the public education system. 

What is less examined is English language learning in Latin America with the specific aim of preparing young people to enter the workforce. This event will present the findings of the new report on English for employment developed by the Inter-American Dialogue with the support from Pearson and will explore the following questions:

  • To what extent is English incorporated into the curriculum for technical and professional education?
  • Do students learn general English skills, or are they studying English for specific purposes; that is a more technical English that relates directly to their field of study?
  • To what extent does this instruction align with the demands of the labor market and the specific English skills and abilities that employers seek when making decisions about who to hire and promote? 

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Sebastián Rodríguez

Vicepresident of Sales Operations, Pearson


Senior Associate, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue (@SStantonEDU)

Rosa Maria Cely Herrera

National Director, English and Bilingualism Program, Universidad Compensar

Marisol Rojas Salas

Head, Work Languages Programs, Universidad Técnica Nacional

Joseph Fidanque III

Director, Iterum BPO Services


Ariel Fiszbein

Director, Education Program, Inter-American Dialogue (@arielfiszbein)



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