ONLINE EVENT: A Conversation with Jorge Castañeda Gutman on the Future of Democracy in the Americas


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Populism from both ends of the ideological spectrum, weakened institutions, and an erosion of citizen trust in political elites have contributed to the democratic recession in the Western Hemisphere. As a result of high levels of inequality, unchecked corruption, deficient public services, and lack of opportunities for social mobility, studies show that citizens are growing more distrustful and are less satisfied with their political leaders and with democracy itself.

Despite the discouraging democratic outlook in many parts of the region, there are opportunities to revitalize faith in institutions and bolster public participation. Actors across all levels (multilateral, governmental, private sector, and civil society) are finding new ways to demonstrate that democracy does indeed deliver. While faced with challenges, the hemisphere is uniquely positioned to adapt to changing circumstances, taking advantage of this window of opportunity to build more resilient and prosperous democracies.

The Inter-American Dialogue is pleased to welcome distinguished political scientist Jorge Castañeda Gutman for a private conversation on the outlook of democracy across the Western Hemisphere. Castañeda is a renowned author and highly regarded professor in Latin American affairs who served as Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 2000-2003.

In a high-level conversation moderated by Inter-American Dialogue President and CEO Rebecca Bill Chavez, Castañeda will address the hemisphere’s democratic backsliding with particular focus on recent attacks on institutions and the rule of law. Castañeda will discuss the best path forward, highlighting opportunities to bolster democratic norms and practices, as they analyze how (and if) the hemisphere can adopt a unified approach to overcome complex barriers and build a more democratic future.

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