ONLINE EVENT: A Conversation with Feliciano Reyna on Negotiations to Resolve the Crisis in Venezuela


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The start of negotiations between the Maduro regime and the Venezuelan opposition in response to the country’s ongoing crisis has presented the opportunity for the US government and the international community to commit themselves to supporting a peaceful, negotiated, and sustainable solution for the ongoing Venezuelan crisis.

These efforts must be born out of cross-border solidarity with Venezuelan actors on the ground, who have at times been absent from discussions in Washington. Understanding the importance of having these voices broadcasted, the Inter-American Dialogue’s Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program is pleased to co-host an online event that will bring Feliciano Reyna, founder and executive president for Acción Solidaria, together with experts from the Institute for Policy Studies, the Washington Office on Latin America, and the Lation America Working Group, in conversation on the current negotiations and their capacity to resolve the crisis. 

Reyna has been at the forefront of Venezuela’s human rights community since 1995, and has been a powerful and respected voice amid the deteriorating political situation in the country. Reyna has in the past advocated for peaceful negotiations and has also highlighted the consequences that have arisen from US sanctions on the regime —arguments that Reyna will discuss, among others, with panelists in this upcoming event. 

The event will take place virtually on September 30 from 3:30 pm- 5:00 pm (ET). 

Main Speaker

Feliciano Reyna

Founder and Executive President, Acción Solidaria (@fjreyna)


This event is hosted in partnership with the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington Office on Latin America, and Latin America Working Group.

Latin America Working GroupWOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the AmericasInstitute for Policy Studies

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