Japan’s Technological and Infrastructure Engagement with LAC: Toward Stronger Ties?


Japan is a critical and long-standing partner for many countries in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region, but Japan’s contributions to telecommunications and related technological development are most evident in other parts of the world. To what extent is Japan positioned to further develop telecoms and other forms of high-tech connectivity in the LAC region? What are the main impediments to enhanced technology-intensive investment in LAC? Is Japan’s form of engagement with Asia and other regions transferable to the LAC context, and will it be supportive of the region’s development objectives? How does the Japanese model of telecommunications and high-tech infrastructure investment differ from that of other Asian entities? And how can the US and Japan work together to support LAC’s technology and infrastructure-related interests?

A cocktail reception will follow the event. Please note that parking is NOT available at the Old Ambassador’s Residence. All guests will be required to present a valid form of identification upon arrival. 

Conference report available here:

Advancing US-Japan Cooperation on Digital Economy Development in Latin America – Three Recommendations 

Featured Speaker

Toshiyuki Yasui

Executive Director, Inter-American Development Bank


Akihiko Sasaki

Director, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) North America Center

Marcos Vaena

Strategy Officer, International Finance Corporation

Teppei Kato

Director, Everis USA, Inc.

Danielle Kriz

Senior Director of Global Policy, Palo Alto Networks


Margaret Myers

Director, Asia and Latin America Program, Inter-American Dialogue