Energy in Argentina: A New Investment Climate

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The election of Argentina’s new president Mauricio Macri promises to bring important changes to the investment landscape for the country’s oil and gas industry. Within weeks of taking office, Macri slashed energy subsidies by raising electricity tariffs and lifted capital controls. He has vowed to negotiate more transparently with oil companies and has already reached agreements with many of Argentina’s creditors to improve the country’s access to international capital markets. Such measures could help boost development of Argentina’s vast shale reserves. While state oil company YPF, alongside a number of international oil companies, are already drilling in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale play, most projects are in early exploration and production phases and could be ramped up with increased investment. Argentina also has many important untapped resources in conventional onshore and offshore areas.

What are the new administration’s energy policy priorities? What measures is the government taking to increase oil and gas investment in Argentina? What are the main regulatory, political and infrastructure challenges to investing in the sector? How can Argentina and the United States expand energy cooperation and what lessons can Argentina learn from the US shale experience?

The discussion will address these questions with opening remarks by Ambassador of Argentina to the United States Martín Lousteau, followed by a panel of experts. The Inter-American Dialogue will also present our forthcoming report on shale regulation in the United States and Latin America.


Martín Lousteau

Ambassador of Argentina to the US

Juan Cruz Díaz

Managing Director
Cefeidas Group

Robin Dunnigan

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy
Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State

Jed Bailey

Managing Partner
Energy Narrative

Lisa Viscidi

Program Director
Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries
Inter-American Dialogue

Energy & Resources Committee

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