Energy & Human Capital Roundtable

8:30 am             Breakfast and Registration

9:30 am             Opening Remarks

  • Lisa Viscidi, Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program Director, Inter-American Dialogue

9:10 am             Discussion: The Human Capital Challenge

Key Questions: What are the specific skills and qualifications needed in the oil and gas and electricity sectors to meet additional demand in Mexico? Over what time period will additional skilled labor be needed? Where are the gaps in linkages between universities and industry and why are these gaps occurring? What are the specific talent needs for regulators vs. companies? What human capital challenges does the industry face in the US and other countries?

  • Leonardo Beltrán Rodriguez, Undersecretary for Energy Planning and Transition, Mexican Secretariat of Energy (SENER)
  • Víctor Carreón Rodríguez, Deputy Director of Planning and International Cooperation, National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT)
  • Lucía Bustamante, Director of Government Relations, Shell

10:25 am           Coffee Break

10:35 am           Discussion: Opportunities for Mexico’s Workforce

Key Questions: What are public and private educational institutions doing to expand the number of graduates with skills tailored to the needs of industry and regulators? How can policymakers, businesses and educational institutions promote greater diversity and opportunities for women and minorities in energy? How can we improve links between universities and industry? How can policymakers promote education for high-skilled labor as well as technicians for the energy sector? What are examples of success stories in other countries that can be applied in Mexico? What are the opportunities for US-Mexico cooperation?

  • Sergio Alcocer Martinez de Castro, Undersecretary for North America, Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE)
  • Javier Treviño Cantú, Undersecretary for Education Policy,Public Education Secretariat (SPE)
  • Dr. Bernardo González Aréchiga, Rector, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM)

11:50 am           Closing Remarks