Commemoration of the Victory of the “NO” Campaign in Opposition to Pinochet

Join the Kellogg Institute in commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Chilean plebiscite of October 5, 1988, which opened the way to a return to democracy in the country. It occurred after an innovative and historic campaign against all odds that was planned in part by fellows of the Kellogg Institute from its earliest years. Key leaders from both sides of the aisle will discuss the “NO” campaign, Chile’s remarkable transition back to democracy, and lessons from the past 30 years, particularly as they might apply to struggles in democracy facing various parts of the world today.

Presented by the Kellogg Institute with cosponsorship by the Institute for Educational Initiatives and the Inter-American Dialogue.

The Inter-American Dialogue will be live-streaming the event on our YouTube page. Read more about the event and the Kellogg Institute here.


Andrés Allamand

Senator of Chile

Eugenio Tiron

Executive President, Tironi Associates

Ignacio Walker

Hewlett Fellow for Public Policy

Rev. Timothy R. Scully

Professor of Political Science and Hacket Family Director, Institute for Educational Initiatives

J. Samuel Valenzuela

Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame





Watch the event here: