Colombia’s Choice: Duque vs Petro


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Colombians are in the midst of a critically important and polarizing presidential election. Iván Duque of the Democratic Center Party and Gustavo Petro, who heads a leftist coalition, came in first and second respectively in the first round of the election with centrist Sergio Fajardo trailing closely behind. Duque and Petro will go head to head in a second round scheduled for June 17. Combating corruption, curbing drug cultivation and trafficking are key challenges, as well as responding to the exploding migration crisis in Venezuela. The next government will also face a tough fiscal situation as it seeks to improve education, health and infrastructure.

The Dialogue is pleased to host a discussion before the second round of the presidential race to explore what we can expect on and after June 17. What factors will determine the outcome? What is the outlook moving forward? What are the implications of the vote for addressing the country’s wide-ranging and complex peace/security, political, economic and social agendas?

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Catalina Botero

Dean of the Law School at Universidad de los Andes (@cboteromarino)

Juan Carlos Iragorri

Director, Club de Prensa, NTN24 (@jciragorri)

Peter Schechter

Political commentator & Cohost, Altamar Podcast (@PDSchechter)


Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue  (@MichaelShifter)


Please note that this event will be held in Spanish without interpretation.