Brazil’s Election and Latin America’s Volatile Politics


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Over the next year, almost two thirds of Latin Americans will elect a new president. And no race is more chaotic and uncertain than in Brazil, where the leading candidate—former president Lula da Silva—may be disqualified on corruption charges and the next in the polls—federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro—is widely seen as an apologist for the country’s military dictatorship. What factors, beyond broad discontent and distrust of the establishment, are likely to shape the contours of the race? What are the potential implications for the rest of Latin America? How does Brazil compare to the elections in Mexico, Colombia, and other countries? Will 2018 be remembered as a turning point in Latin American political history? 

Americas Quarterly and the Inter-American Dialogue are pleased to host a panel discussion of top experts and analysts to discuss the Brazilian election in a regional context. Remarks from the panelists will be followed by an open discussion with participants. 

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Brian Winter

Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly (@brazilbrian)

Monica De Bolle

Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics (@bollemdb)

Roberto Simon

Lead Analyst for Latin America, FTI Consulting (@robertosimon)


Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue (@MichaelShifter)