Advancing China and LAC’s Sustainable Development Seminar

The Inter-American Dialogue, Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Institute, and The Charhar Institute convened approximately fourty top experts on developments in corporate social responsibility in Latin America and China, along with representatives from international organizations and the Chinese private sector. Participants examined Latin American expectations from foreign firms and Chinese companies’ efforts to meet them, including by adopting some international and Chinese standards for corporate social responsibility. The group also discussed the various structural factors that contribute to best outcomes and sustainable operations in the Latin American region with an eye toward advancing China’s sustainable development agenda in LAC and broader support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The event took place in Beijing, China on September 11, 2019.


Session 1 – Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Recent Progress and Future Trends

Session 2 – Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America: Wide-ranging Requirements and Expectations

Session 3 – Best Cases of Corporate Social Responsibility among Chinese Companies in Latin America: Aligning Corporate Practice with the UN SDGs