33rd Meeting of the Working Group on Latin America

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Started in 2001, the Working Group on Latin America is one of the longest-running and most successful initiatives at the Inter-American Dialogue. It brings together a select group of political, academic, and civil society leaders from across Latin America to discuss the most pressing issues facing the region. Sessions are intended not only to help shape the Dialogue’s agenda, but also to guide policy cooperation in a broader sense. Although meetings traditionally alternate between Washington, DC and cities in Latin America, this year’s session will take place online for the first time. No other project regularly brings together such a group of distinguished experts for a frank, off-the-record discussion on hemispheric affairs.

This meeting will be off the record and will take place in English and Spanish.


11:00am: Welcome remarks

11:00am – 12:15pm: Biden and Latin America – What should we expect?

How will the new administration approach Latin America, and what will be its priorities in the region? What will be the changes and continuities compared to the Trump administration? How will Biden tackle the Venezuelan crisis and migration issues? Is the US heading towards a confrontational relationship with Brazil? What do Latin Americans expect from Biden, and how did they perceive his victory? 

12:15pm – 1:00pm: Peru – Calm after the storm?

Will Peru’s new president, Francisco Sagasti, be able to pacify the country and lead until the April 2021 elections? What obstacles stand in the way? Who are the main presidential candidates and what are their positions on key issues? How can the country address its political, economic, and health crises? Is the “Peru model” of pragmatic economic policies and high growth over? Could the current crisis be a wake-up call to tackle structural problems?

2:00pm – 3:00pm: What can we expect from the new MAS government in Bolivia?

What are the main challenges facing President Luis Arce? How will he deal with the economic crisis and socio-political divisions facing the country? What will be the role of former president Evo Morales? How has the MAS changed since Morales left office? What are the regional implications, if any, of Arce’s win? Could this be the beginning of a return of the left in some Latin American countries?   

3:00pm – 4:00pm: A new political era in Chile?

What are the main lessons from the October 25 referendum? Will a new Constitution contribute to addressing citizen demands, or increase polarization? What are the potential risks of the constitutional process, and how can they be addressed? Can a fragmented party system lead the necessary reforms? What would a new social pact look like? What will be the role of President Sebastían Piñera during the last year of his term? Who are the main candidates for the 2021 presidential elections, and what are their proposed solutions for the country’s problems?


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