Commission for Quality Education for All

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Educación de Calidad para Todos (Quality Education for All) is an innovative, high-caliber initiative to support profound educational change in Latin America and the Caribbean through the comprehensive mobilization of the public and private sectors, the media, and civil society.The initiative is led by a high-level commission presided by former Presidents Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and Ricardo Lagos of Chile.


In August 2016, the Inter-American Dialogue launched the report Building Quality Education: A Pact with the Future of Latin America (available in Spanish, English and Portuguese), which  resulted from the work of the Commission.

The report was launched in Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazil.



The report shows that children and young Latin Americans are not learning at acceptable levels and that Latin America continues to lag behind the rest of the developed and emerging world.

Based on a detailed analysis of the state of education systems in the region, the Commission recommends taking action in six priority areas as a way to improve educational quality: (1) early childhood development, (2) teaching excellence, (3) learning assessments, (4) new technologies, (5) relevance of education, and (6) sustainable financing.

The Commission proposes the creation of social pacts that determine the objectives of the reforms,  commit resources, and establish mechanisms of mutual accountability to improve education quality. The idea is to promote long-term strategies that transcend different governments, creating mechanisms that ensure that the agreements are translated into concrete actions and provide enough time to obtain the required results.

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Six Priority Areas

                Comision 1 Comision 2 Comision 3
                 Comision 4 Comision 5 Comision 6


Commission for Quality Education for All


Ricardo Lagos, Former President of Chile

Ernesto Zedillo, Former President of Mexico


Epsy Campbell Barr, Member, National Assembly (Costa Rica)

Claudia Costin, Senior Director of Education, World Bank (Brazil)

Gerardo della Paolera, Professor, Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina)

Sergio Fajardo, Former Governor, Antioquia (Colombia)

Claudio X. González, President, Mexicanos Primeros (Mexico)

George Gray Molina, Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP (Bolivia)

Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos, President, Grupo Apoyo (Peru)

Salvador Paiz, President, Funsepa (Guatemala)

Viviane Senna, President, Instituto Ayrton Senna (Brazil)

Emiliana Vegas, Chief of the Education Division, Inter-American Development Bank (Venezuela)

Elena Viyella de Paliza, President, EDUCA (Dominican Republic)

José Weinstein, Director, Doctoral Program in Education, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)

Ariel Fiszbein, Executive Director of the Commission (Argentina)