• An overview of growing economic ties between China and Latin America.

    Jan 22 2014 China & Latin America
  • The Dialogue is pleased to share the 2013 China-Latin America Economic Bulletin.

    Jan 15 2014 China & Latin America
  • Evan Ellis of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies discusses his book on the strategic implications of deepening ties between China and Latin America.

    Jan 13 2014 China & Latin America
  • South Korea’s entry into the TPP will promote stronger cooperation between South Korea and Latin America.

    Dec 20 2013 China & Latin America
  • To address insufficient domestic agricultural production, Chinese officials are looking to Latin America.

    Nov 19 2013 China & Latin America
  • Chinese companies have initiated ventures in more than a dozen Caribbean countries.

    Oct 23 2013 China & Latin America
  • Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro left China last month with a supposed show of support from the Chinese government.

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro this month made a three-day visit to China, his first official state trip abroad since taking office.

    Sep 30 2013 China & Latin America
  • Chinese lending to Latin America and the Caribbean hit an all-time high of $37 billion in 2010.

  • The Nicaragua Canal saga continues, with discrepancies emerging between Chinese and Nicaraguan statements.

  • Majorities in all but six countries surveyed globally think that China will replace the US as the world’s leading superpower.

    Jul 23 2013 China & Latin America
  • Since 2005, China has provided upwards of $87 billion in loan commitments to Latin American countries.

    Jul 22 2013 China & Latin America
  • Protests in Brazil are currently the focus of discussion and debate within Chinese government institutions.

    Jul 16 2013 China & Latin America
  • A discussion with Shen Zhiliang, director general of LAC Affairs in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Jul 12 2013 China & Latin America
  • In May of this year, Brazil offered 289 non-pre-sal conventional oil and gas blocks to international bidders.

    Jun 20 2013 China & Latin America