• Will protesters succeed in halting the canal’s construction?

    Jan 21 2015 China & Latin America
  • Central America is one of Taiwan’s only remaining diplomatic strongholds.

    Aug 27 2014 China & Latin America
  • The Inter-American Dialogue recently launched an updated version of its China-Latin America Finance Database.

    Apr 10 2014 China & Latin America
  • Chinese lending to Latin America and the Caribbean hit an all-time high of $37 billion in 2010.

  • The Nicaragua Canal saga continues, with discrepancies emerging between Chinese and Nicaraguan statements.

  • Since 2005, China has provided upwards of $87 billion in loan commitments to Latin American countries.

    Jul 22 2013 China & Latin America
  • A new web site provides information in three languages on the HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. Ltd. (HKND).

    Jun 14 2013 China & Latin America
  • A committee in Nicaragua’s General Assembly voted to approve a concession for a Chinese firm to build a Panama Canal alternative in Nicaragua.

    Jun 11 2013 China & Latin America
  • Chinese loan commitments to Latin America have totaled approximately $75 billion since 2005.

    Feb 17 2012 China & Latin America