Merike Blofield Joins the Board of the Daily Latin America Advisor

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Merike Blofield PortraitThe daily Latin America Advisor is pleased to announce that Merike Blofield has joined its board of advisors. She is Director of the Institute for Latin American Studies at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), and Professor of Political Science at the University of Hamburg. Blofield has published widely on policy areas that intersect social, labor, health, gender and family policy, with a focus on Latin America. Aside from two monographs and edited volumes, her publications include articles in Comparative Politics, Lancet Global Health, Social Politics, Latin American Research Review, and Current Sociology.

Before Hamburg, she was professor of Political Science and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Miami, where she received the 2019 May Brunson Award for doing the most to improve the status of women. She is currently working on three collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects: first, on the politics of social protections; second, survey research on public opinion toward social protection; and third, measuring policy efforts on domestic violence in Latin America. Blofield also engages extensively with multilateral organizations, policy officials, and advocates to promote evidence-based and equitable policies.  


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