Fabian Saide Joins the Board of Advisors

˙ Latin America Advisor

We are delighted to announce that Fabian Saide has joined the biweekly Financial Services Advisor publication’s board of advisors.

Fabian is the founder, CEO and president of Paykii, a global cross-border payment platform that empowers individuals living abroad to pay bills and help support family back home. A native of Mexico, he has more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience building and scaling successful payment technology and transaction processing businesses in the United States, Mexico and other Latin American countries. Fabian has also worked with several government organizations around the world to modernize and automate complicated payment systems that promote financial health and energize economic growth, primarily with immigrants in underserved markets.

Before starting Paykii, Fabian founded Gross Logic, a privately held payment processing company based in Houston, among other startups in the industry. Earlier in his career, he worked as a legal consultant at Deloitte Mexico.

He earned his law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and currently serves as a board member for the IOS offices, Logrand Group and SIMPPLO. Fabian is also active in developing a welcome center in his hometown of Monterey, Mexico, to help promote inclusive economic growth through a holistic process of immigrant integration.


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