Towards an Educational Society in Ecuador

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Between 2006-2015, Ecuador put in place the “Ten-Year Education Plan” (Plan Decenal de Educación, PDE), which allowed the country to implement and support long-term educational policies and created spaces for collaboration between public institutions and non-governmental organizations (more on the PDE 2006-2015 in “Learning to Work Together: Collaboration around the Ten Year Education Plan of Ecuador,” only available in Spanish). 

In the last ten years, education in Ecuador has shown significant progress, notably in investment and coverage. However, at the end of the PDE, there are still important challenges regarding school reinsertion, permanence, and completion; professional development of teachers; participation and accountability of the different stakeholders; and quality of education in general. Between late 2015 and early 2016, the Ecuadorian Government developed a new 2016-2025 Ten-Year Plan. 

This article is only available in Spanish

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