Teach For All & Its Lessons for Latin America

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The following paper was originally written for EPAA/AAPE, a journal designed for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and development analysts concerned with education policies.

We are pleased to share a recent paper written by our Program Director Ariel Fiszbein and former intern Belen Cumsille, which  analyzes the experience of Teach For All partners in different countries around the globe in three areas: (a) Recruitment and Selection; (b) Training and Development; and (c) Placement.

Using information from semi-structured interviews with Teach For All staff members and national partners, the authors analyze the key elements of the Teach For All approach in these areas. Based on that analysis they argue that Teach For All’s active recruitment and rigorous selection of candidates, emphasis of quality over length in training, the continued support offered to teachers and the heavy emphasis on data and evaluation constitute practices that, if pursued at the systems level, could enhance the quality of teaching and, consequently, learning outcomes in Latin America.

Download the paper below. 

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