Top 10 Events in Latin America in 2012

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The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Institute for Latin American Studies (ILAS) is asking Chinese ‘netizens‘ to participate in a poll identifying the top ten events in Latin America in 2012. Participants choose ten of twenty possible events. Those who choose the exact same top ten events as a panel of CASS Latin America experts will receive a prize. According to the site, voting ends on January 20, 2013.

The twenty selections are as follows (as read from left to right on the site):

  • Premier Wen Jiabao visited four Latin American countries in an effort to consolidate and safeguard relations. (温家宝总理出访拉美四国,中拉关系机制性保障得以进一步巩固.)
  • The Cuban Communist Party held its first-ever Party conference. (古巴共产党第一次代表会议召开.)
  • US drug war in Latin America faced challenges. (美国在拉美的扫毒战面临挑战.)
  • Escalation of the territorial dispute between England and Argentina over the Falklands/Malvinas. (英国与阿根廷在马岛问题上的争端进一步升级.)
  • Revival of “nationalization” in Latin America and a test of the region’s investment environment. (拉美国有化再起波澜,投资环境面临考验.)
  • Rising trade protectionism among Latin American nations. (拉美国家贸易保护主义有所抬头.)
  • The gloomy conclusion of the 6th Summit of the Americas. (第六届美洲峰会黯然收场.)
  • The “trial of the century” shocked Brazilian politics. (世纪审判震撼巴西政坛.)
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership was formerly established. (太平洋联盟正式成立.)
  • Impeachment of Paraguayan President Lugo triggered a political crisis. (巴拉圭总统卢戈遭弹劾引发政治危机.)
  • PRI victory in Mexico. (涅托当选墨西哥总统,革命制度党东山再起.)
  • Expansion of Mercosur. (南方共同市场扩容.)
  • Colombia reinitiates peace process. (哥伦比亚重启和平进程.)
  • Ecuador offered asylum to Julian Assange. (厄瓜多尔庇护阿桑奇.)
  • Hurricane Sandy caused considerable damage. (飓风桑迪造成严重破坏.)
  • Tumultuous revival of the indigenous movement in Latin America. (拉美印第安人运动风云再起.)
  • Re-election of Chavez and global concern about his health. (查韦斯再度当选,病情引发全球关注.)
  • The Colombia-Nicaragua territorial dispute remained unresolved. (哥、尼两国海域争端仍悬而未决.)
  • Latin America’s economic growth slowed. (2012年拉美经济增势放缓.)
  • The first CELAC ministerial meeting was held in Chile. (首届拉美及加勒比共同体财长会议在智利召开.)

Premier Wen’s visit seems an especially safe bet. As does at least one of the territorial disputes. Check back toward the end of January for analysis of the official CASS selections.

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