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Chinese Ambassador to Brazil Jinzhang Li hosts reception in celebration of Chinese National Day
时间:2012-9-21 来源:人民网

Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Li Jinzhang, hosted a reception in Brasilia celebrating the 63rd anniversary of founding of People’s Republic of China. During the reception, Li noted that China has played a crucial role on the development of international relations, and mentioned that the upcoming 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will lead to a more promising future for the country. Stable growth in China will bring important opportunities to countries like Brazil, he added. As China-Brazil bilateral trade volume increases, Li concluded, China will deepen collaboration with Brazil to boost economic and social development in both countries.

Costa Rica’s eco-tourism industry looks to China
时间:2012-9-17  来源:人民网

Costa Rica has issued a set of policies to encourage Chinese citizens engage in Costa Rican eco-tourism. Costa Rica is providing tourist visas on arrival for Chinese tourists who hold valid tourist visas from the US, Schengen, Japan, South Korea and certain other countries. For residents of Beijing and Shanghai, Costa Rica established expedited processing for tourist and business visa applications. Major airlines in China, such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, are reportedly launching regular direct flights from China to specific Latin American countries.

Pacific Alliance country delegations visit China
时间:2012-9-11  来源:东方早报

On Sept. 12, 2012, delegates from Columbia, Chile, Mexico and Peru arrived in Shanghai to attend the Latin America China Investors Forum sponsored by LatinFinance. This year’s forum focused on promoting the Pacific Alliance, an increasingly important Latin American regional organization. Pacific Alliance member countries have benefited from growing trade and investment opportunities with Asia’s emerging markets.

中国与智利签署自贸协定补充协定 两国元首共同出席
President Hu Jintao attends signing ceremony of supplementary agreement on investment as part of the China-Chile Free Trade Agreement
时间:2012-9-9  来源:国际在线

China and Chile signed a supplementary investment agreement establishing completion of the China-Chile free trade area. Presidents Hu Jintao and Sebastian Piñera attended the signing ceremony. The supplementary agreement includes 30 items and 5 appendices. The China-Chile Free Trade Agreement took effect on October 1, 2006. In June of 2012, the two sides announced the completion of  negotiations on the supplementary agreement.

巴西提高百种进口产品关税 中国出口产品受影响
Brazil raised tariffs on imported products, China’s export industry negatively impacted
时间:2012-9-5  来源:人民网

The Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission has raised tariffs on 100 imported products to encourage domestic production. This policy change is a response to growing trade competition brought about by the international economic crisis. As a result of changes in import-related policy, tariffs on bicycle and automobile tires rose from 16 percent to 25 percent, tariffs on mineral oil increased from 4 to 25 percent, and tariffs on potatoes rose from 14 to 25 percent. These tariff increases will negatively affect Chinese exports of tires, glass, machinery, and other products. The Brazilian government has indicated that it is closely monitoring the impact of higher tariffs on imported products. It will respond to excessive price increases by reducing tariffs in order to prevent inflationary pressure on the domestic market.

Argentina imposes provisional anti-dumping duties on tiles imported from China
时间:2012-9-3  来源:凤凰网

According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, the Argentine Department of Economy and Public Finance indicated that it will impose provisional anti-dumping duties on tiles imported from China. The tax rate is $4.63 per square meter. The resolution went into effect on August 28th and is valid for six months.