Understanding Chile’s Conflict

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The confrontation between students and government in Chile, very much in the news recently, is both complex and changing rapidly. Here are three (click 123) documents that provide context to better understand the debate.

The first is a letter signed by a diverse group of Chile’s leading education specialists and published today in El Mercurio. The group argues that, although the current debate is almost entirely about spending more on higher education, the best approach to improving equity, education quality and social mobility is to give priority to public spending on preschool and basic education—which have been left almost entirely out of the current debate.

The second article, by Jose Joaquin Brunner, places Chile’s higher education system in the context of broader changes underway in higher education in Latin America and world-wide. It suggests that the traditional model of the research university cannot be sustained when higher education is extended to large segments of the population.

Finally, former minister of education Sergio Bitar reviews the changes that have occurred in Chile’s higher education system over the past several decades and makes several recommendations for improvement.

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