Puryear Speaks at the III Forum on Education Quality

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On August 30, PREAL co-director Jeffrey Puryear spoke at the III. The Forum was organized by Proyecto EDUCAR 2050, a group of civil society leaders seeking to improve education in the country. The minister of education of Buenos Aires, Esteban Bullrich, opened the forum. Puryear spoke on a panel with Marcelo Cabrol, chief of the education division of the Inter-American Development Bank,  and Bernardo Kliksberg, advisor to the Latin American and Caribbean office of the United Nations Development Project (UNDP).

Other speakers included Manuel Alvarez Trongé, president of EDUCAR 2050, Priscila Fonseca da Cruz, executive director of Todos Pela Educaçao of Brazil, Juan Manuel Iturbey, governor of the Province of Salta, Gabriela Michetti, national deputy, Maria Eugenia Estenssoro and Ernesto Sanz, national senators, Gustavo Iaies, director of the Center for Public Policy (CEPP), Carlos Tramutola, Cimientos Foundation, and Gustavo Grobocopatel, director, Grupo LOSGROBO. Approximately 700 political and business leaders, education specialists, teachers and principals attended the meeting. Additional information may be found at www.educar2050.org.ar. 


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News about the Event:

Urgente llamado para superar la “indigencia educativa” en el paísby Agustina Lanusse, La Nación – August 31

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