Chages to the salary schedule for teachers

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We are pleased to share with you two recently published articles about an ongoing debate in the United States on different types of reforms to the salary schedule for teachers.

The first article, from Education Week, discusses initiatives in Denver, Washington, DC, and New York City to “front-load” teacher compensation in order to attract top high school graduates into the profession. The second article, from Education Next, discusses a proposal to reward characteristics associated with greater teacher effectiveness, and stop rewarding those that have no evidence linking them to improvements in student learning. In order to evaluate this proposal, the author discusses the case of North Carolina. While these experiences in the United States do not yet seem to propose a model salary schedule for teachers, the high degree of innovation in this area seems to emerge from a growing consensus on the failure of the current structure to provide the right incentives to recruit and attract better teachers.

Ed Week | School Leaders Target Salary Reform Towards New Teachers (requires subscription)

Hoover Institution | Scrap the Sacrosanct Salary Schedule


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