Merit pay reforms and teachers

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We are pleased to share with you two articles about recent reforms in the United States that aim to reward teachers for improving their students’ performance in tests. The first article, from the Washington Post, discusses how a merit pay initiative in Washington is gaining ground among teachers.

The popularity of the reform seems to stem from the fact that the incentives are generous, and that the government has obtained the support of the union. The second article, from the Salt Lake Tribune, discusses how the state of Utah is also moving forward with a new pay-for-performance legislation. This reform was not opposed by teachers’ unions, who know that their colleagues in other states are already benefiting from similar programs. The third article, from The Dallas Morning News, notes that the state of Texas gave teachers the option of participating in the incentives program or not, letting those who wished to do so to opt out. These articles seem to suggest that, although merit pay is a sensitive issue, it is possible to get (at least some) teachers to support these reforms. 

Washington Post | Teacher Bonuses Get Unions’ Blessing

The Dallas Morning News | Texas Schools Get Merit Pay Windfall 

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