Trump, Immigration Policy and the Fate of Latino Migrants in the United States

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Trump’s stated course of action is a frontal attack on all of the problems that he says have made America weak. His agenda includes changing international trade policy, cutting off illegal migration, revamping or simply eliminating social policies such as Obamacare, reducing taxes, and re-orienting current defense and foreign policy to ‘put America first.’

All these plans will have implications for people who live and work in the United States, including the country’s estimated 42 million immigrants, a diverse group that includes people with and without legal status.

An issue of particular importance and concern is undoubtedly Trump’s immigration policy. According to his past statements, we can expect to see actions on at least seven fronts:     

  • An increase in deportations, starting with migrants who have a criminal record
  • Discretional authority to eliminate DACA and DAPA, and potentially all forms of temporary stay such as TPS
  • Elimination or reduction of the current administrative procedures for migrants arriving from Central America, thereby accelerating the deportation process
  • New national security guidelines for specific groups of migrants, including Muslim migrants or people from countries deemed a terrorist threat based on ‘violent Islamic extremism’,
  • Increased border control and construction of a wall on the Southwest border,
  • Taxes on remittances sent by migrants, and
  • Actions against “Sanctuary Cities,” including withholding of federal funds

This article examines Trump's migration strategy, its limits and consequences. 

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