RIO Newsletter – April 2016

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We’re pleased to share with you our newest edition of the RIO newsletter.

This edition takes a closer look at customer service among remittance service providers. Customer service is something that has typically received mixed marks from migrant consumers. For this article, the Dialogue uses “mystery shoppers” to provide more detail, delving into much more specific issues that comprise the customer service experience, including wait time, call quality, the operator’s ability to answer questions, and cultural sensitivity.

In this Newsletter, we also present an analysis from the Latin America Advisor on President Obama’s recent trip to Cuba, and what it means for relations between the United States and Cuba. Experts weigh in whether the trip was successful and whether Cuban officials showed a willingness to improve relations and advance reforms.

Finally, we are pleased to share a Q&A on “What’s at Stake This Year for US Immigration Policy?” Andrés Rozental, Jim Kolbe, Arturo Sarukhan and Ray Walser share their perspectives on US-Mexico relations, undocumented immigration, and the potential for immigration reform under the next administration.

We hope that you enjoy this issue, and invite your comments, ideas and feedback.

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