Report Card on Education

The need to achieve significant improvements in education has been a matter of concern for the Dominican society along the last two decades. This interest grew with the implementation of the Ten-Year Education Plan in the early 90s, a joint initiative with civil societies, the government and international organizations against the disastrous education indicators.  In 1991, 14 out of 100 students in primary levels repeated grades and around 20 out of 100 students left school.  


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Decentralization for Educational Quality

This post is also available in: SpanishThe education law and the various decennial and operation plans of education have specifically presented a policy of education participation, where the community, families and organizations non-governmental are stimulated to integrate in the development of education programs and projects.


Between Progress and Setback

This post is also available in: SpanishDuring the last ten years, the number of children and youth attending schools, especially preschool and secondary has increased, and important improvements in the quality of education service. However, these efforts are still not enough. In the XXI century, 8% of Colombian population (3.5…