Protecting Migrant And Refugee Children in the Americas

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The Inter-American Dialogue has initiated a new line of work focused on migrant children in 2022. With that in mind, the Dialogue has convened a working group composed of diverse and relevant actors in the Latin American region. The working group aims to build a regional consensus on the most effective mechanisms to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of migrant children. The report, written by Álvaro Botero, a new senior fellow of the Dialogue, explores systems available for protecting the human rights of migrant children.

Specifically, the document addresses (i) the main trends of migrant children in the Americas in countries of origin, transit, destination, and return, (ii) the efforts made at the regional level to improve the protection framework for migrant children, (iii) the scope and content of the best interests of the child, as well as its relationship with the intersectional and differentiated approach in the processes of care for migrant children, (iv) the standards developed by international and domestic law in the states of the region with respect to the protection of migrant children, (v) the main challenges in the protection of the human rights of migrant children, (vi) the good practices of the states with respect to the rights of migrant children in the region, and (vii) the main conclusions and recommendations that would make it possible to establish a framework for the protection and integration of migrant children in accordance with human rights norms and standards.



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