Private meeting with María Eugenia Vidal

Photo of Michael Shifter and María Eugenia Vidal Gastón Ocampo / Inter-American Dialogue

On June 10, the Inter-American Dialogue welcomed María Eugenia Vidal, former governor of Buenos Aires and Dialogue member, to discuss the current political and economic conditions of Argentina as the nation approaches elections in the fall. This meeting underscored the need for political cooperation and dialogue, especially between the two main political coalitions, Juntos por el Cambio and Frente de Todos, in order to address Argentina’s worsening economic situation and rising cases of Covid-19. The role of the Biden Administration in advancing human rights and democracy in Latin America was also examined, along with a brief discussion on China’s presence in Argentina and its role in the region. Lastly, this meeting reinforced the importance of securing foreign investment and regaining Argentina’s credibility on the world stage. Although Vidal’s plans for the upcoming election remain uncertain, this discussion highlighted her role in shaping Argentine politics and the path ahead for the country. 

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