Ausencia de Obispos Evidencia la Falta de Condiciones en las Negociaciones de Nicaragua

A finales de febrero 2019, el gobierno de Daniel Ortega y la oposición Alianza Cívica establecieron un diálogo negociador. Para ofrecer una perspectiva del contexto nicaragüense, el Dr. Manuel Orozco, Director del Programa de Migración, Remesas y Desarrollo del Diálogo Interamericano, participó en una entrevista para Confidencial.

Manuel Orozco

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Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today

On March 5, the Inter-American Dialogue presented its new book titled Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today. Ambassador Shannon and president Chinchilla praised the book for constructing a narrative about the highly diverse region, highlighting its main idiosyncrasies and analyzing where it might be headed in coming years.

Pedro Garmendia

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Venezuela: marchas en medio del apagón

Bruno Binetti, non-resident fellow del Diálogo Interamericano, conversó con TN Internacional sobre los sucesos más recientes de la crisis venezolana y los grupos que disputan el poder en el país latinoamericano.

Bruno Binetti

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File Photo: Mexican Government.

¿Ejercerán un nuevo poder los sindicatos de México bajo AMLO?

¿Cuáles son las razones detrás de las huelgas de los trabajadores, y habrá más conflictos laborales en los próximos meses?

Carlos H. Aceves del Olmo, Richard Sinkin, Brian Finnegan, Gladys Cisneros, Carlos Ferrán Martínez

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Puerto Rico 2019: What Lies Ahead?

“Puerto Rico 2019: What Lies Ahead?” brought together a panel of experts on economics, fiscal issues, and energy policy to discuss the current state of Puerto Rico’s recovery and its future prospects.

Natali Solano

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The Outlook for Renewable Energy under the AMLO Administration

AMLO’s skepticism of private investment, the cancellation of generation and transmission auctions, and the return to state-led electricity development through bolstering of the CFE threaten to squander Mexico’s renewable potential and drag its clean development efforts backwards.

Lisa Viscidi

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Unfulfilled Promises: Latin America Today

The volume takes a broad view of recent social, political, and economic developments in Latin America. It contains six essays, focused on salient and cross-cutting themes, that try to construct a thread or narrative about the highly diverse region, highlighting its main idiosyncrasies and analyzing where it might be headed in coming years.

Laura Chinchilla, Catalina Botero, Robert Muggah, Augusto de la Torre, Alain Ize, George Gray Molina, Ana Covarrubias, Andrés Malamud, Michael Shifter, Bruno Binetti

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The International Standoff Over Venezuela

Energy Program Director Lisa Viscidi went on CGTN to discuss the latest developments in the increasingly international debate over how to peacefully resolve the crisis in embattled Venezuela. 

Lisa Viscidi

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How Foresight Could Strengthen Governance in Latin America

The Dialogue’s long-term global trends program aims to increase Latin America’s exposure to the growing use of foresight and strategic thinking, in order to improve decision-making today. In cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Dialogue’s initiative provides governments, banks and corporations, universities, think tanks, and other institutions in Latin…

Sergio Bitar

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US Vice President Pence’s Meeting on Venezuela

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, was on Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan to analyze vice-president Mike Pence’s participation in the Eleventh Lima Group meeting in Bogotá.

Michael Shifter

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