What Can Latin America Expect of President Trump?

What does Trump’s victory mean for the economies of Mexico and the rest of Latin America, and how are political relations with the United States likely to change?

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Meet Brazil’s Unexpected President

Michel Temer is a deal-maker who took advantage of Dilma Rousseff’s downfall. What kind of leader will he be?

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Shifter

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How Well Are Latin American Nations Fighting Poverty?

Which countries are doing the best job of helping lift individuals and families out of poverty?

George Gray Molina, Nora Lustig, Jacqueline Pitanguy, Sergei Soares

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Does Colombia Need Foreign Help to Make Peace Last?

How much of a role will the international community play in helping to establish and maintain peace in Colombia?

Maria Velez de Berliner, Marta Lucía Ramírez, Jorge Lara-Urbaneja, Javier Ciurlizza

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Update on Mexico

Mexico’s ambitious reform agenda–spanning across educational, electoral, and energy initiatives–has fallen short of expectations.

Diego Recinos

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Dialogue Participates in Colombian Oil Association Conference

The hydrocarbons sector is at a turning point. Low prices and uncertain projections, competition for market share, geopolitical dynamics, growing environmental and social concerns, and questions about the future of fossil fuel and renewable energy sources necessitate analysis and discussion about the present and future of the industry and the challenges…

Lisa Viscidi

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Can Latin American Countries Handle a Refugee Crisis?

How are changes in migration patterns affecting local security and relations between neighboring countries?

Tom Gjelten, Gilberto M. A. Rodrigues, Joseph Eldridge

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State of Teacher Policies in Central America & DR

Despite the importance of teachers in the learning process, systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and supporting teachers remain deficient

Federico Sucre, Ariel Fiszbein

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Has Mexico’s Security Improved Under Peña Nieto?

What should be the first tasks of Renato Sales, whom Peña Nieto named as his national security commissioner?

Andrés Rozental, Mary Speck, Ruben Olmos, Sylvia Longmire

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Drugs: The Debate Goes Mainstream

What is the best way to deal with drugs? Criminalizing drug users or treating them as patients?

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ernesto Zedillo, César Gaviria

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