China’s Strategy in Brazil & the Southern Cone

What does China stand to gain from investing in Latin America’s energy projects? Where is China looking next in the region?

Lisa Viscidi, Margaret Myers, Chris Noon

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China & the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Will the TPP and RCEP be promoting of greater integration or of disintegration in the Asia-Pacific region?

Margaret Myers, Adrian H. Hearn

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China-LAC: Enduring Challenges

How will increasing Asian investment in Latin America influence economics and politics in the region?

Margaret Myers

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What Chinese Finance Means for Latin America

Despite slowing economic growth in China, the country’s banks remain a primary source of finance for certain Latin American nations.

Margaret Myers

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China and Latin America in 2014

China’s relations with Latin America are becoming increasingly routine. China is a critical partner for much of the region.

Peter Hakim, Margaret Myers

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China & Latin America in 2013

2013 was the 15th year of China’s “going out” initiative. During this period, the Asian giant’s economic relations with Latin America expanded rapidly.

Margaret Myers, Peter Hakim

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