Latin America: Democracy Threatened

The validity and legitimacy of democracy in Latin America is now a hot topic, agitated by factors such as the coup in Honduras or populist who asserted in electoral majorities try to run freedoms.

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Ecuador Suspends Internet Of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Ecuador has now confirmed that it cut off internet access at their London Embassy for Julian Assange, the leader of the group WikiLeaks, who has been staying at the embassy since 2012. NPR’s Kelly McEvers talks to Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, about what Ecuador’s calculus might be.

Michael Shifter, Kelly McEvers

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Can Dilma Weather the Storm?

Brazil faces enormous challenges, but Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment is not likely one of them.

Hilary Higgins

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Death of a Prosecutor

The circumstances surrounding the Nisman case have dealt a severe blow to confidence in the Kirchner government.

Murat Dagli

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Open for Business: Building the New Cuban Economy

Richard E. Feinberg offers a scrupulously researched and judicious analysis of the economic changes that have unfolded since 2008, when Raúl Castro replaced his brother Fidel as president and initiated a reform process.

Michael Shifter, Richard E. Feinberg

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El nuevo régimen Ortega-Murillo

La ‘victoria’ electoral de Daniel Ortega-Rosario Murillo con un alto nivel de abstencionismo muestra tanto el éxito de la táctica de eliminar a la coalición opositora que lideraba Montealegre, que de por sí era débil, así como también que la mayoría electoral no se desbordó por Ortega.

Manuel Orozco

Venezuela’s Meltdown Continues

Venezuela faces an economic and humanitarian disaster, and the situation is only getting worse

Michael Shifter

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Colombia’s Last Chance for Peace

Will the government’s new agreement to deescalate bring renewed faith — or just more skepticism?

Michael Shifter

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Chile’s Domestic Policy Priorities

Under a context of intense political reforms, the Chilean government has put forward a number of ambitious goals aiming at an integral constitutional reform.

Felipe Franco Gutiérrez

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