The Changing Currents of Transpacific Integration

The Inter-American Dialogue and Lynne Rienner Publishers are pleased to announce the release of The Changing Currents of Transpacific Integration: China, the TPP, and Beyond, co-edited by Adrian H. Hearn and Margaret Myers.

Margaret Myers, Adrian Hearn

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Peace and the Environment in Colombia

Peace in Colombia promises to bring many environmental benefits to the country, but also poses environmental risks .

Lisa Viscidi, Margaret Myers

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China’s Venezuela Conundrum

The government of Nicolás Maduro has made some last-ditch efforts to cut costs and pay off debts, but it is quickly running out of lifelines.

Margaret Myers

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Tristan Taussac / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

Una nueva era de reformas

Desde hace décadas, las exportaciones y los mercados de América Latina vienen respaldando los objetivos de la política interna de China

Margaret Myers

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Interpreting Chinese Finance to LAC

Despite slowing growth on both sides of the Pacific, China’s policy bank finance to Latin America reached $30 billion in 2015.

Margaret Myers

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Chinese Finance to LAC in 2015

Chinese finance to Latin America neared $30 billion in 2015. The region has received upwards of $125 billion in finance from Chinese policy banks since 2005.

Margaret Myers, Kevin Gallagher, Fei Yuan

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