Venezuela: Between Hope and Uncertainty

On February 4, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Venezuela: Between Hope and Uncertainty” to discuss the possible scenarios in which the Venezuelan crisis might unfold.

Pedro Garmendia

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What’s Driving New Changes in Brazil-China Trade Ties?

How has the trade dynamic between Brazil and China changed in recent years, and will trade flows increase significantly in the near future? What implications would stronger trade ties between the countries have for their other trading partners?

Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios, Andre Soares, Pepe Zhang, Haibin Niu

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Myers: China-Venezuela decision-making “will be very pragmatic in nature.”

As the situation in Venezuela continues to unfold, Phoenix TV spoke with the Director of the Dialogue’s Asia & Latin America Program Margaret Myers on China’s position regarding the ongoing Venezuelan crisis, as well as how China’s approach to the country differs from Russia’s.

Margaret Myers

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The Political and Humanitarian Crises in Venezuela

Energy Program Director Lisa Viscidi spoke with CGTN about US sanctions on Venezuela and the effects they are having, both in terms of raising the pressure on Nicolás Maduro and heightening the risk of deepening the country’s humanitarian crisis. 

Lisa Viscidi

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Member in the News: Xavier Becerra

On Tuesday, February 5th, Dialogue member Xavier Becerra delivered the Spanish-language response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Xavier Becerra

Fact Sheet: Family Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018

Family remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean experienced nearly 10% growth in 2018, one of the largest growth rates in the past 10 years. Growth in remittances stands in stark contrast to the sluggish 1.9% economic growth rate for the region. The countries with the highest remittance growth rates in 2018 included Haiti, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Paraguay.

Manuel Orozco

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¡Ayuda humanitaria ya!: Crece la tensión en la frontera entre Colombia y Venezuela

El analista político Michael Shifter, presidente del centro de análisis Diálogo Interamericano, explicó que la negativa de Maduro de no recibir ayuda de EE.UU. viene de la época del fallecido expresidente Hugo Chávez, quien tampoco admitió semejante apoyo ante el temor a una “intervención militar”. Shifter dialogó con la Voz de América.

Michael Shifter

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