What Challenges Face Guatemala’s New President?

Experts views on the delayed inauguration President Arévalo in Guatemala.

María Fernanda Bozmoski, Mario Polanco, Salvador Paiz, Ursula Roldán, Stephen G. McFarland, Virginia Garrard

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Photo of Prosperity and Progress report cover

Prosperity and Progress in Intermediate Cities: Making Development Impacts through Remittances

On January 12, 2024, the Inter-American Dialogue released the report “Prosperity and Progress in Intermediate Cities: Making Development Impacts through Remittances.” The report, produced by Manuel Orozco, director of the Migration, Remittances, and Development program, Jaqueline Barrios, country coordinator for Guatemala, and Patrick Springer, program associate, reviews results and impacts of the program’s local development initiative in the Guatemalan municipalities of San Marcos, and Amatitlán.

Manuel Orozco, Jaqueline Barrios, Patrick Springer

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Presidential candidates in 2024, left to right: Claudia Sheinbaum, Luis Abinader and Nayib Bukele.

Latin America’s Election Super-Cycle Will Turn on One Key Factor

In Latin America’s 2024 electoral super-cycle, voters seem likely to reward leaders who address their most fundamental needs—in some cases regardless of whether they value democracy, clean government or the rule of law.

Tamara Taraciuk Broner

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Panelist at the 2023 AmericasBarometer Event Video

The Pulse of Democracy in the Americas: Results of the 2023 AmericasBarometer

In Latin America, trust in democracy takes two paths: Good Governance, meeting citizens’ expectations under the rule of law, and Populism, where a leader perceived as a savior, centralizes power to deliver on promises. This finding was among the key insights revealed during the highly anticipated launch of the 2023 AmericasBarometer.

Daniel Caballero

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Photo of Manuel Orozco and All Things Considered Graphic Video

Orozco: “Nicaragua is responsible for at least 10 percent of all migration that has arrived into the Mexico-US border”

On January 4, 2024, director of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Migration, Remittances, and Development program, Manuel Orozco, sat down with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly on “All Things Considered” to discuss the recent weaponization of migration by the Ortega-Murillo regime. The two discussed the recent trend within the context of US elections in November 2024 in which immigration is a highly debated issue.

Manuel Orozco

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Foto de El Castillo, Departemento de Río San Juan, Nicaragua

Nicaragua 2024 – Between the Silenced Majority and the Critical Constituency

Dictatorial repression in 2024 will continue to cause irreversible social losses in Nicaragua. Thanks to migration and the flow of remittances, the economy will grow by inertia and not due to the economic policies from the Christian and solidarity-based government.

Manuel Orozco

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Photo of 2023 in Remittances cover

2023 in Remittances: The Year in Review

On December 22, 2023, the Remittance Industry Observatory (RIO), of the Inter-American Dialogue, released it’s annual review of remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean. The report, produced by Manuel Orozco, director of the Migration, Remittances, and Development program, and Patrick Springer, program assistant, outline market trends, provide data on remittance service providers in the region, and contextualize these topics as they relate to 2023’s economic, political, and migration-related developments.

Manuel Orozco, Patrick Springer

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Photo of Oppenheimer and Rebecca Bill Chavez

Chavez: “El momento no es casualidad”

En una entrevista con CNN, Rebecca Bill Chavez, Presidenta y CEO del Diálogo Interamericano, analizó las implicaciones geopolíticas del conflicto territorial entre Venezuela y Guyana, y la posibilidad de que esta disputa escale.

Rebecca Bill Chavez

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Panelist at the Event Mobilizing Youth for Democracy Video

Mobilizing Youth for Democracy and Human Rights

In the midst of democratic decline in the region, young people are emerging as agents of change. Their active participation not only represents a fresh and vibrant voice in regional politics but also offers a new perspective and focus to address the challenges facing the region.

Daniel Caballero, Patrick Springer

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Screenshot of podcast A Fondo

Taraciuk Broner: “Cuando no existen instituciones dentro de la democracia que respondan a las necesidades de la gente, la gente busca respuestas en otro lugar”

Tamara Taraciuk Broner, directora del Programa Peter D. Bell sobre Estado de derecho, participó en el podcast “¿Qué le pasó a la democracia en América Latina en 2023?” en el programa A Fondo con María Jimena Duzán, y conversó sobre los hitos que marcaron a la democracia en América Latina en 2023.

Tamara Taraciuk Broner

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