Even More Relevant: The Washington Diplomat’s Profile of the Inter-American Dialogue

In the early 1980s, when the Inter-American Dialogue was born, the U.S. was actively supporting right-wing governments from El Salvador to Nicaragua. There were “tremendous misunderstandings between Latin America and the United States,” says Michael Shifter, longtime president of the D.C.-based think tank. These days, it seems those tremendous misunderstandings have returned with a vengeance, making the Dialogue’s work even more relevant.

Larry Luxner

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Will Argentina’s Banking Sector See Higher Profits?

Argentina’s Banco Macro in May approved a plan to sell 74 million shares in order to raise enough capital to buy Banco Patagonia, which has a market value of approximately $1.97 billion, and which Banco do Brasil currently owns. To what extent is the development indicative of a trend of consolidation in Argentina’s banking sector?

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Will the G20 Shift Its Focus to Latin America’s Interests?

The Latin American G20 member countries have historically struggled to put forward a common platform, analysts have noted, which has led to difficulties in incorporating Latin American priorities into the larger agenda of the summit. How well were the interests of Mexico, Argentina and Brazil represented in Hamburg?

Jorge Argüello

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La enseñanza del inglés en Argentina

Ariel Fiszbein del Diálogo Interamericano habla sobre los retos que enfrentan los programas de enseñanza de idioma inglés en América Latina.

Ariel Fiszbein

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Complacencia con respecto a los problemas educativos en Argentina

En entrevista con EduPrensa, el director del programa de Educación del Diálogo Interamericano, Ariel Fiszbein, habla sobre los principales retos educativos que enfrenta América Latina y sobre los avances de los últimos años en algunos países que han priorizado la educación.

Ariel Fiszbein, Alfredo Dillon

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Competitividad del sector petrolero en América Latina

El 29 de noviembre Lisa Viscidi, la directora del Programa de Energía, Cambio Climático e Industrias Extractivas, impartió una presentación en un evento de COMEXI en la Ciudad de México sobre la competitividad del sector petrolero en América Latina. 

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Mauricio Macri at Mid-Term: A Conversation with Carlos Pagni

El 10 de diciembre, Mauricio Macri cumplió dos años como Presidente de Argentina. Para realizar un análisis sobre su presidencia, el jueves 7 de diciembre El Diálogo tuvo la oportunidad de presentar al periodista argentino Carlos Pagni, uno de los analistas políticos más influyentes ante la opinión pública de su país.

Luis Carlos Battista

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Sin brújula en un mundo incierto

Por segundo año consecutivo, Donald Trump está al tope de las noticias y personajes relevantes en la encuesta GDA. Un año después de su llegada a la Casa Blanca, Estados Unidos atraviesa un período de polarización social, creciente desigualdad y deterioro institucional como pocos en su historia.

Michael Shifter

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Neuquén Governor Highlights Challenges and Opportunities to Developing Vaca Muerta

The government of Neuquén—Argentina’s top oil and gas producing province and home to the country’s huge shale play Vaca Muerta—is implementing a detailed plan to eliminate barriers to hydrocarbon development, Governor Omar Gutierrez said at an Inter-American Dialogue panel discussion.  This includes facilitating equipment imports by removing customs tariffs, gradually eliminating consumer subsidies for natural gas, and signing a new labor agreement between the provincial government and labor unions.

Zuleyma Alvarez

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Anxiety at the Summit of the Americas

Although perhaps justified by the tragic events in Syria, President Trump’s last-minute decision to skip the eighth Summit of the Americas, which begins this week in Lima, Peru, was discouraging to his Latin American and Caribbean counterparts.

Michael Shifter, Peter Hakim

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A Requiem for UNASUR

The unraveling of UNASUR—perhaps the most ambitious attempt at Latin American integration in recent times—is another sign that Latin America’s much-vaunted solidarity has splintered.

Bruno Binetti, Ben Raderstorf

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Argentina Is Getting Impatient With Macri’s Painful Economic Reforms

Macri has repeatedly said that he will maintain his course and not yield to what he calls the political opportunism of the opposition. But if he is to lead a true alternative to the left- and right-wing populist tendencies that have ruled Argentina for decades, Macri’s gradualism must pick up the pace and start showing results.

Bruno Binetti

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