What Do Great Teachers Do?

Recent research suggests that teachers are the most important factor in improving student learning.

Jeffrey Puryear

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Trump y su desembarco

Para Trump, hay poca distancia entre la retórica de campaña y la acción de gobierno. No hay ya razón para pensar que suavizará o retrocederá en otras promesas de campaña, relacionadas con el comercio y la inmigración, sobre todo con respecto a México y, en particular, el infame muro en la frontera.

Michael Shifter

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Rousseff’s Visit to Washington

Rousseff’s upcoming visit presents an important opportunity to advance the global climate agenda.

Lisa Viscidi

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Leopoldo López: Symbol & Victim

For anyone following Venezuela’s unending tragedy, the sentencing of Leopoldo López to nearly 14 years in prison was hardly surprising.

Michael Shifter

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Energy & Politics in Brazil

With Brazil’s state oil company Petrobras engulfed in a massive corruption scandal, the government looks poised to introduce an energy sector overhaul.

Lisa Viscidi

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China and Latin America in 2014

China’s relations with Latin America are becoming increasingly routine. China is a critical partner for much of the region.

Peter Hakim, Margaret Myers

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Challenging Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution

Ecuadordan President Rafael Correa battles an increasingly dissatisfied citizenry as he implements fiscal reforms to counter dropping oil prices.

Michael Shifter, Murat Dagli

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American Political Decay or Renewal?

In the 2016 presidential election, whatever the issue—from immigration to financial reform to trade to stagnating incomes—large numbers of voters on both sides of the spectrum have risen up against what they see as a corrupt, self-dealing Establishment, turning to radical outsiders in the hopes of a purifying cleanse.

Francis Fukuyama

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Obama’s Best Week

Obama’s legacy in Latin America continues to be strengthened as US-Cuba relations move in a positive direction.

Michael Shifter

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Twelve Myths In The Fight Against Drug-Trafficking

The intricacy to understand public information related to the fight against drug-trafficking, has resulted in the emergence of a series of myths and fallacies surrounding the violence derived from the so-called “war against drugs.”

Joaquín Villalobos

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