Now, Obama Can Focus More on the Region

Almost without warning, issues that have long been on the agenda between the US and Latin America are alive again as Barack Obama looks to his second term.

Michael Shifter

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Cuba 1.5?

When Yoani Sánchez started blogging, she probably did not anticipate the worldwide impact that her portrayal of life in Havana would have.

Katherina Hruskovec

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Gender and Democracy in Cuba Book Cover

Cuba and Gender Equality: Is Progress Being Made?

On May 21, 2010, the Dialogue and the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University jointly sponsored an event on gender equality in Cuba. Cuba has a solid record on gender equality based on some social indicators, with higher percentages of women involved in politics than most of its Latin American counterparts, but lacks women in the highest tiers of power.

Carl-Henri Prophète

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Europe Might Take Another Step Back

If Spain fails to have the Common Position lifted or if it succeeds and Havana again turns down European economic cooperation, then Cuba wins once more.

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

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