Photo of Roberto Teixeira

Member in the News: Roberto Teixeira da Costa

Roberto Teixeira da Costa, member of the Inter-American Dialogue Board of Directors, has released a new book titled “Crises financeiras: Brasil e mundo (1929-2023).” 

Roberto Teixeira da Costa

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Chavez: “Biden e Lula precisam achar áreas de interesse em comum”

Rebecca Bill Chavez, presidenta e CEO do Diálogo Interamericano, conversou com o Valor Econômico sobre as relações entre os EUA e o Brasil e o engajamento dos EUA em relação ao retrocesso democrático na região.

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CAF Conference - Session V

Bolstering Democratic Governance Through Foreign Policy

Dr. Rebecca Bill Chavez, president and CEO of the Inter-American Dialogue and Antonia Urrejola, former foreign minister of Chile came together for an exchange titled, “Bolstering Democratic Governance Through Foreign Policy.”

Anastasia Chacón González

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CAF Conference - Session IV

Women’s Economic Empowerment – Fostering an Equitable and Inclusive Digital Economy

“Women’s Economic Empowerment – Fostering an Equitable and Inclusive Digital Economy,” focused on women’s inclusion in the digital transformation, discussing methods to bridge the digital divide between men and women by investing in digital upskilling, online financial management services and social services, and entrepreneurship programs.

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of caf conference panel

Making Migration and Growth Work Together

Andrew Selee, president of the Migration Policy Institute, Kelly Gallego Massaro, president of ABRACAM-Associação Brasileira de Câmbio, and Sergio Sagastume, CEO of Amigo Paisano joined Manuel Orozco, director of the Migration and Remittances Program at the Inter-American Dialogue for this important panel. 

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of CAF Conference - Keynote

The Future of the Inter-American System – Old and New Challenges

President Laura Chinchilla, co-chair of the Inter-American Dialogue and former president of Costa Rica and Frank Mora, US ambassador to the Organization of American States, came together for a conversation on the future of the inter-American system, especially important in the face of the multiple challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, including migration, insecurity, and democratic decline.

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of Thomas Shannon

Rules for Successful Diplomacy

Ambassador Thomas Shannon, the co-chair of the Inter-American Dialogue, offered five rules for diplomacy in the 21st century.

Anastasia Chacón González

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CAF Conference - Session 2

Funding the Fight Against Climate Change

Experts discussed the call for reforming multilateral development banks (MDBs) to adjust their incentives and operating models to address the climate crisis and how green finance and other innovative methods can help drive the energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of CAF Conference - Keynote Dialogue

Perspectives from the United States National Security Council

Gabriela Frías, business anchor for CNN en Español and Juan Gonzalez, senior advisor and special assistant to the President of the United States as well as senior director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council convened for a keynote dialogue with insights into the White House’s perspective on a number of current trends across the Western Hemisphere.  

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of CAF Conference - Session 1 with Pablo Bartol (Moderator), Manager for Social and Human Development, CAF – Development Bank of Latin America; Former Minister of Social Development, Uruguay Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Department of State Beatriz Londoño, Former Minister of Health and Social Protection, Colombia Felicia Knaul, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, University of Miami

Is LAC Prepared for Another Pandemic?

Expert panelists explored the question of Latin America and the Caribbean’s preparedness in the face of a future pandemic. Despite making up less than 10 percent of the world’s population, the region accounted for more than 25 percent of worldwide deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic. The panel focused on the ways in which healthcare policy in LAC shifted during and after the pandemic, as well as the outcomes from pandemic policy implementations. 

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of CAF Conference - Fireside Chat with Rebecca Bill Chavez and Nina Hachigian

An Inside Look at the Cities Summit of the Americas

The 26th Annual CAF Conference kicked off with a fireside chat between Dr. Rebecca Bill Chavez, President & CEO, Inter-American Dialogue and Ambassador Nina Hachigian, US Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy, to discuss the inaugural Cities Summit of the Americas, which was held in Denver, Colorado, in April.

Anastasia Chacón González

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IAD / 2023 Video

Voices on OAS Migrant Children Declaration

Listen to the contributing voices present at the OAS Migrant Children side event and learn more about the declaration’s relevance in promoting migrant and refugee children’s rights in the Americas.

Álvaro Botero, Ariel Fiszbein, Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian, Wendy Young, Garry Conille, Tomás Pascual

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Photo of man holding Nicaraguan flag during 2018 protests

The Political Situation in Nicaragua

Despite receiving a minority of political support, the balance of power is in favor of the regime who dominates the repressive apparatus and possesses economic resources to maintain control and seek a dynastic succession. The magnitude of repression, as well as the noise of various international conflicts, render international mobilization difficult. However, the international community must confer greater importance to the Nicaraguan crisis in the global agenda.

Manuel Orozco

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