Colombian President Iván Duque is cracking down on possession of illegal drugs in public. // File Photo: Colombian Government.

Is Duque Pursuing the Right Anti-Drug Policies?

Will Colombia’s new policies under President Iván Duque curb drug trade and consumption?

Maria Velez de Berliner, Hannah Hetzer, Barry R. McCaffrey, Vanda Felbab-Brown

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Former Colombian Vice President Germán Vargas is challenging the country’s tax reform in the Constitutional Court. // File Photo: Colombian Government.

Will Colombia’s Controversial Tax Reform Be Voided?

What would be the consequences for the government, individuals and companies if the Constitutional Court invalidates the tax reform?

David Ross, Oscar Ardila, Richard Francis, César Caballero

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Crises in Venezuela & the Path Forward for Colombia

Host Ray Offenheiser and guest Michael Shifter, the president of Inter-American Dialogue, discuss the economic and political crises in Venezuela, as well as the upcoming elections and path forward for peace in Colombia.

Michael Shifter, Ray Offenheiser

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Colombian President Iván Duque

Can Colombia Find a Peaceful Way to End Deadly Unrest?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on massive social unrest and the state’s heavy-handed response in Colombia.

Elizabeth Dickinson, Francisco Santos, Humberto de la Calle, Arlene B. Tickner, Gwen Burnyeat, Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli

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Market Tailwinds and Political Headwinds for Latin American Energy

2018 has been a year marked by great political uncertainty for Latin American energy markets. Oil prices are up, creating strong incentives for investment, rising US natural gas exports are creating a new source of flexible, cheaper energy for Latin American consumers, and the cost of wind and solar energy is declining dramatically. However, Latin America continues to face uncertainty in energy policy as new governments take office in many countries and geopolitical tensions between the US and China are on the rise. With many questions on the table, government officials, corporate representatives, and analysts gathered on October 25 at the Inter-American Dialogue to assess the future of energy policy in the Western Hemisphere.

Nate Graham, Amy Iverson, Chris Kambhu

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Colombian President Iván Duque’s popularity is sinking, and Colombians are planning a national strike on Thursday. // File Photo: Colombian Government.

Why Is Colombia’s Patience Wearing Thin With Duque?

What is at the root of citizens’ discontent in Colombia, and will the nation see the same sort of violence than other countries in South America?

Cynthia J. Arnson, Maria Velez de Berliner, Erin McFee

Los retos internacionales para el nuevo presidente

Después de ocho años de Juan Manuel Santos, Iván Duque, del Centro Democrático, tendrá la oportunidad de redefinir las relaciones con la comunidad internacional. El Espectador conversó con expertos de diez países y les preguntó sobre el futuro de la diplomacia entre sus naciones y Colombia. Michael Shifter comenta sobre la relación con Estados Unidos.

Michael Shifter

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Elecciones en Uruguay, protestas en Colombia y elecciones en la OEA

Michael Shifter habló con Gustau Alegret de NTN24 para el programa Cuestión de Poder sobre las reñidas elecciones en Uruguay, las protestas en Colombia y las próximas elecciones para la Secretaría General de la Organización de Estados Americanos.

Michael Shifter, Gustau Alegret

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Colombia Elects Conservative Candidate Ivan Duque to Be Next President

Millions of Colombians voted in a presidential election run-off on Sunday. The winner is Ivan Duque a 41-year-old conservative. And, after a divisive campaign between left and right, he has vowed to unite his country. To discuss the path forward for Colombia, Anand Naidoo, host of CGTN’s The Heat, spoke with Bernardo Perez Salazar, Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Gustau Alegret, and Michael Shifter.

Michael Shifter

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