China’s growing ties with Panama

To discuss China’s diplomatic ties with Panama, CGTN’s Wang Guan talked with Bruno Binetti.

Bruno Binetti, Wang Guan

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Patterns of Central American Migration

Historical legacies of civil war and poorly performing economies within the context of globalization have shaped Central American Migration.

Manuel Orozco

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Can Central America Break the Cycle of Drugs, Corruption and Gang War?

The roots of Central America’s challenges run deep, and the Trump Administration’s policies seem unlikely to help Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras make significant progress.

Michael Shifter, Ben Raderstorf, Kaitlin Lavinder

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New Approaches to Central America’s Gangs

On Tuesday, May 23rd, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event with Ivan Briscoe, Latin America and Caribbean program director at the International Crisis Group; Ana Glenda Tager, Latin America regional director at Interpeace; and Steven Dudley, Co-Director of InSight Crime. During this session, the speakers addressed violence in Central American in relation to gangs.

Laura Campiglia de Méndez

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US-Latin America Energy Investment

While the Trump administration’s “America first” policies are aimed primarily at giving higher priority to national security and economic growth for the United States, the White House’s approach will have impacts on energy relations with the rest of the hemisphere that should also be considered.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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A Conversation with Luis Guillermo Solís

On March 16th the Dialogue welcomed the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís. With persistent problems of crime and violence, ongoing migration challenges, lackluster regional economic growth, continuing concerns about corruption in many countries, and uncertainties about the new US administration’s policies, Central America faces a complicated and unsettled situation. President Solís discussed these issues and several others during this open discussion at The Dialogue.

Danielle Edmonds

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Central America

Central America faces a wide range of challenges in the global context, of which organized crime, access to trade and financing, and outbound migration are a few. This is a compilation of the most relevant Dialogue’s reports on the region.

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A compilation of the Dialogue’s reports, articles and presentations on the most important issues shaping Nicaragua’s development.

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Issues Shaping Central America

A compilation of the most relevant Dialogue’s articles, presentations and reports on Central America: its development challenges and policy options.

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Centroamérica en la mira

Central American migration is linked to poverty, inequality, and violence in the region.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Natural Gas Market Outlook

Given their close proximity to the United States, LAC countries are well-positioned to capitalize on the surplus of US gas exports and current buyer’s market.

Lisa Viscidi, Carlos Sucre, Sean Karst

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Autoridades educativas centroamericanas se pronuncian sobre trabajo infantil

Según los datos que maneja Primero Aprendo, en los países donde este proyecto está presente hay más de 2,3 millones de menores entre 5 y 17 años de edad que trabajan, lo que limita sus posibilidades de ejercer el derecho a la educación. Y si bien hay varios programas que…

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Informe de Progreso Educativo en Centroamérica y la República Dominicana 2003

“Es Hora de Actuar” se titula este segundo informe de la Comisión Centroamericana para la Reforma Educativa (de PREAL) que se lanza oficialmente a inicios de octubre. Sin desconocer los esfuerzos en el campo de la educación hechos en los últimos años, la Comisión destaca que éstos resultan claramente insuficientes…

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